Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fall into the gap

This is embarrassing. I just spent like 15 minutes searching for a downloadable copy of the Will Arnett/Amy Poehler Gap ad where they are sharing-wearing like 7 different sweaters. It's funnier than this one:

And you can see it if you go to Gap's homepage. It kind of just makes me giggle, mostly because they are hilarious, and she is so adorable with her bangs (it makes me want to get bangs again, although I've been told that they were a really bad mistake, and I should probably keep my sort of half/swept bang). It also reminds me of how hilarious they were in (gulp) Blades of Glory, which was actually much funnier than I thought it was going to be. And it makes me want to watch Arrested Development. And! It also makes me want to post this recap of the SNL show at Upright Citizen's Brigade last Sunday, which I obviously did not go to (for about 1 million reasons) but which sounds awesome, mostly because, while I never watch SNL, I appreciate funny people being funny together, and this seems like it was that (kind of like how my main sentiment in a lot of comedies these days is not "damn this is funny" but "damn I'd like to hang out with these people" -- kind of like Mindy Kaling! and I am starting to repeat myself).

Also, I just watched Superbad again the other day and it was really truly funny, more so than the first time I think, and Michael Cera is just too good. That whole scene at the party at the end with him, all of it, is pretty much genius.

And finally, speaking of cute funny actors, and Gap ads, how do we feel about the John Krasinski Gap ads? My feeling is, why are they making him pose so weirdly? It's kind of like the Gap version of an awkward elementary school photo ("Tilt your head this way, and your chin this way, and now, look at me, no, tilt just a little this way" -- jamming your chin at an unnatural angle -- "ok, now STICK YOUR PELVIS OUT SO IT LOOKS LIKE YOUR PANTS ARE TOO TIGHT!").

At least it's better than the one here.

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Kim said...

They want him to pose like that because it is:
1. adorable
2. non-threatening
3. little schoolboyish (and who doesn't love a little school boy)
4. sort of impish
5. just enough like something his character would do, while still making you believe he is really like that in real life, which makes you like him even more because he is just too charming and adorable for words, and if you like him so much, you probably will buy the sweater.

Unless you're like me and didn't even really look at the sweater, which actually is kind of weird looking.