Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"affecting audience's hearts and minds with honesty"

I never wrote about this much but I saw Broken Social Scene in concert a few weeks ago and they were pretty fantastic, mostly cause they rocked out more than I expected them to and the venue was very conducive to that kind of show. The new NPR music site has a full concert recorded from the last night of this same tour, and it kind of gets at the experience, except in a very 2D way, and it sort of emphasizes the moments where Kevin Drew's voice is offkey (I think that, just like when I saw him in SF, he probably had a cold or something). But it kind of shows his sort of fun-on-stage personality.

Also in general the NPR music site is pretty cool. If I had more time to screw around at work listening to music and watching videos and such, I'd do it (I feel the same way about podcasts).

More on Broken Social Scene though...
After the concert I did some Google searching and came across (of course) the Pitchfork Media review of Kevin Drew's "Spirit If..." (Basically he's in Broken Social Scene, but he borrowed them to be his pseudo-actual backup band for his own music... it's just the same, but the name for some reason is different, although, I don't think anyone really cares. I don't.) I liked this part of it, cheesy as it is:

But to know Spirit If… is to know Kevin Drew: One-time teenage burn-out, current 31-year-old master of scruff, and lifelong romantic. He hugs audience members during shows, and once described his band's objective to the New York Times Magazine with all the quixotic wonder of a wide-eyed Bono: "We want to affect audiences' hearts and minds with honesty."

Kind of a nice idea.

And, next February, yet another Broken Social Scene-ster is putting out a "solo" album.. Jason Collett. You can find songs to download here.

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