Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Casey's classroom library

My friend Casey teaches middle school English in LA. She's trying to get funding for her classroom through this site Donors Choose. I don't have the hugest readership or anything here, but I want to help her out if I can. Here's what she says:

Below are three proposals I'm trying to get funded through donorschoose.org. You may have seen Craig Newmark (of craigslist fame) on the Colbert Report recently. He's been pushing Donors Choose, a wonderful site. Teachers are able to list their needs, and people can fully or partially fund the proposals. I'm hoping to build a better classroom library, and I know better than to think my school material budget will stretch. I'd really appreciate it if you'd give my proposals a look.

You can donate here. (The link was wrong before. This is the right one.)

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Casey said...

Boy, I don't know what link I sent you, but I messed up. I think this should work: