Sunday, November 04, 2007

Napa = great success

James and me on a HUGE chair.

This, as Dan says, really sums things up. After the last winery we opened a bottle of Mumm in the parking lot and stood around listening to Broken Social Scene (played via karaoke machine and iPod in the trunk) drinking it and hanging out in the twilight.

They made me pretend to throw the empty bottle into the vineyards.

This was our cabin. Five of us, $125 for the night, $170 worth of food at the grocery store, and all fire lighting. It was amazing.


MissEm said...

Love the cabin! Is there a link around with rental information? I'd be so happy if you'd email it to me :)

Kim said...

YES, I am interested in that cabin as well! Also, I would love for you to tell me all about where you went and how much you loved it -- I keep meaning to go to Napa, and your trip looks like so much fun!