Monday, November 26, 2007


Ok, please forgive me for the materialism that is about to take place here.

I know that to some people the prices of these items will come as a shock but remember they are either a) leather or b) handmade and rare so please no judgment, plus I am serious about making a considered purchase.

Basically I have decided that I desperately need a new purse and I have decided I am willing to and ready to spend money on one that I really like that is what I want. I REALLY wanted a purse from Anthropologie that was perfect, but I delayed my purchase of it and now it is sold out entirely and does not seem to be coming back. So here are my new contenders. I want a purse that is big enough to carry the kinds of things I carry (two phones, camera, iPod nano, book, makeup bag, wallet, keys), and that has a long enough handle such that I can reach into the bag without taking it off my shoulder (I hate having to take off one or both handles to reach things, it's hard to balance, this is lame but true). I would prefer brown soft (worn-in feeling) leather, like a light brown. But I am also open to tweed/gray/wool things. So here are the contenders.

1) Sabina bag from Urban Outfitters

2) Jack and Marjorie bag. I have seen this one in person and it's pretty nice. A little more structured (as Lucky magazine says) than the other options. The straps and everything are made from recycled military material like belts and such (I think the strap on here is from a rifle strap!).

3) On the Edge tote from Urban Outfitters

Help me! (Also, help me not want a sequined dress. Although if I could get it in time, this would probably be cute for my work holiday party coming up in a week and a half.)


Ellen said...

I like the first one the best. Not sure why -- it just looks bigger and I like all the buckles.

I could never keep track of two phones. I can barely find the one I have most of the time.

Kim said...

I have the same exact purse need/want/whatever. I'm not crazy about buckles though, and it seems that buckles are really in right now, so I can't find one without them.

As for holiday dresses, I tried on upwards of 40 (literally) this weekend, only to buy this one ( online.

I hope it fits, goddamnit.

Kim said...

PS - the link only sort of works. copy it all and get rid of the parenthesis. And I'm getting the dress in "mauve" (which, honestly, had better be the beautiful burgundy in the picture and not actual mauve)!