Saturday, November 17, 2007


I must have lied about bedtime. Before I crash... Two of my favorite things - one guilty pleasure, one totally justified and awesome one - have united.

LOLCATS + The Office.

OfficeTally, every Office nerd's favorite blog, is running a lolcat Office contest - you just make a lolcat with an Office quote. I'm too tired to look at all of them, but here's one that builds off of one of the best Office quotes everrrr!!! (Get my meta-reference there?)

Ok, it's not the most hilarious thing, but it's hilarious that these exist. And I will explain more about my inexplicable affection for lolcats later. That would take way too much time.

(Lolcat from OfficeTally commenter "Pamela Dean")


Kim said...

I ABHOR lolcats. But I ADORE The Office. So...I love/hate this post.

Pamela Dean said...

Oh the things you find when you Google search your name...That's my LOLcat. :)

Anonymous said...

You should learn 2 speak lolcat lol