Friday, November 23, 2007

No Country for Old Men

This review is highly overdue, but it needs to happen (and also, let's be frank, I haven't blogged yet today). On Monday, I saw No Country for Old Men. I had high expectations -- who doesn't, at this point -- and it definitely lived up to them. Apparently some people (aka my mom) don't want to know what it's about, so I'll leave it to you to look up the plot if you don't know it, but as far as the movie itself: it was fantastic. I had read the book, and I was still incredibly tense for the entire movie. At one point I was convinced that the guys behind me were kicking my chair - except then I realized there were no guys behind me. It was actually just my heartbeat. Scary.

But really, it was a great movie -- Tommy Lee Jones was brilliant (I always love him), Javier Bardem was sufficiently creepy without being cartoonish, and it was also pretty faithful (in my opinion) to the book, in a way that managed to kind of downplay the cantankerousness of the book and play up its sincerity, and not hammer you over the head. Not to mention, the landscapes and the shots were just perfect... Really emphasized the sort of desolation, the forsakenness.

Go see it. I want to see it again.

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el super said...

ok so i saw it today per your recommendation and very rarely do i say "i didn't get that movie." but like, i kind of didn't get it. i mean i thought the acting was excellent as was everythign but the story was ok. funny though, like an hour in my hairdresser aunt turns to me and says "that pageboy is OUT OF CONTROL!" in reference to bardem's hair.

so what i'm saying is, can you explain it to me so i can understand the point.