Thursday, November 15, 2007


I've been in a real slump about the current Democratic candidates for President in 2008. I loved Obama early on and then I felt like he succumbed to the politicky infighting (with other Democrats!) that he claimed to be above and against. But yesterday he spoke at work, and I feel really good about him again. He is clearly very smart, really thinking about the issues, does not try to spin questions into something that he can answer with canned responses about something entirely off-topic, and I really just think he cares. I've seen plenty of other people speak (Hillary and Edwards both) and they are just so overly polished and mechanized-seeming. I like Obama's genuineness, and I like his idealism, and I want him to succeed at this campaign because I think he can do something to fix things. (Oh yeah, and I like his policies, too.)

Here's the video of his talk yesterday:

(P.S. My favorite part was when he talks about how he is impatient with the status quo.)

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Anonymous said...

well I know who I'm voting for. D