Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Photos from my Thanksgiving break...

These are those Barbie hairbrushes Dad and I found in the garage. Please, click on the image so you can see it bigger -- it shows Barbie hair in grotesque zoom.

Barbie Shoes!

This is the only record of my the only athletic year of my life (I actually also found my certificate for participating in frosh/soph swimming my freshman year, but I think I tossed it. Boo.)

We kept these. They are awesome.

My comment upon this discovery: "Can you ever have too many dice?"

Boxes full of random things like this are everywhere.

Not found in the garage! This was our final attempt to artistically photograph the turkey. Note the persimmons and wine glass carefully staged in the background.

My grandma contemplates the flower vase. She wanted us to take pictures of people, not things, so, here you go. :)


Anonymous said...

I havent thrown out the certificate from your high school swimming participation, in case you still want it

Anonymous said...

You also still have my everlasting admiration for getting up and swimming all those mornings and then going back and doing it again in the afternoons. Yikes. I'm still impressed.

Anonymous said...

And speaking of pthalates and toxic plastics--beware the heap o' Barbie hairbrushes.
yr ma

Anonymous said...

I mean, pHthalates.

Kim said...

I love your Barbie accessories. I used to have a rubbermaid container called "ponies, brushes and combs." So I totally get it. :-)

I also really love your artistic turkey picture, and I did note the persimmons in the background!