Wednesday, November 07, 2007


This really rang true for me:

"When you're young, you think I'll just get over this hill and then everything will be on an even keel. Then you get used to the fact that, no, you're never gonna get to the point of equilibrium. All you do is move forward. That's what life is -- being in motion."

-Steve Coogan, quoted in the New Yorker Nov 5.

I always think that calm and rest is just around the corner, but so far into my adulthood (ha, if you can call it that) I have to say that this seems a lot more realistic.

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sara says...

this is very true. like we talked about last night, i feel like my whole life is exactly on course right now. everything is falling into place; there are no forseeable major setbacks or obstacles. but that still hasn't let me feel relaxed or calm or even as if i'm at some arrival point/rest stop. there's always another challenge to meet or issue to worry about.