Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Things I have eaten today

-Cottage cheese with honey in it
-Two pieces of sushi. This part was very difficult, but it was those ones with the soft wrappy thing around plain rice, so I could just kinda choke it down. I was desperate for something solid.

When you are spending a day experimenting with soft foods, you end up Googling things like "cottage cheese" just to come up with a way to make it less disgusting. My friend Laurel eats it with yellow mustard and let me tell you, I would have killed for yellow mustard around 11:30am. Then I read the entirety of this post and got hungry for more cottage cheese with all these fixings. It's amazing what you want to eat at times like these.

Currently I am just dreaming of a milkshake. There really is nothing else I can imagine not hurting right now.

Oh, and by the way, this is all much, much, much worse than the time I got my wisdom teeth out.


Kim said...

Cottage cheese with honey! Oooh!

Lisbeth said...

When I worked at the convalescent hospital, the old folks who couldn't chew got pureed canned peaches poured over cottage cheese. Kind of looked like mustard. Something to look forward to in our golden years. At least you have teeth to put your braces on.

Laurel said...

emily, this is amazing. i'm recalling the night at booneville when i just had my wisdom teeth out and was so starved for something savory i bought cottage cheese and hot sauce at the gas station and hoooooused that shiz.