Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Empire Strikes Barack

These "12 Internet Memes that Took Obama to the Nomination," while (slightly) premature, are nevertheless hilarious. Most of them I'd at least heard of, although I didn't watch all of them due to my ongoing "I can read lots of junk at work but can't manage to squeeze in video time" (unlike my extraordinarily lucky roommate with two monitors and his own office, who manages to watch full movies at work while actually working, a level of multi-tasking I can only reach while "working" from home) problem. However, they don't exactly lose anything in belated watching. My favorite (of the ones I'd never seen before) is the "Star Wars" parody, so I'm posting it here:

Obviously there's zero nuance in these things, but whatever. You just have to love the Internet.

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