Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I saw Condoleezza Rice and David Miliband speak at Google last week. It wasn't nearly as rage-inducing as I expected, even though I'm still baffled by Rice's obvious intelligence yet complicity etc. with the Bush administration. She is terrible at delivering the party line, but sticks to it stubbornly, as you'd expect.

I found David Miliband kind of attractive. Is that wrong? He was in any case much more interesting than she was.

Also, you can see the back of my head in the video. I'm sort of in the second row in the shots where you can see 3-ish rows, towards the right, in a white shirt with shortish brown-red hair.

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Kim said...

No, it's not wrong at all. I call him David Mmmmmiliband! Or, as of this moment I do. Condi was much smaller in real life than I thought she would be. Tiny woman. And I'm with you, I wasn't as enraged/annoyed as I thought I would be. As much as I dislike her political stance, Condi was a very nice woman (though I guess that's kind of a part of her job). And her staff was awesome. I almost forgot who they work for.