Friday, May 09, 2008

Because I'm sort of re-hooked on Gossip Girl

Oh, kill my beating, 15-year-old girl heart now, why don't you, television:

"It really does feel like we’re living the show sometimes," says Penn, who for the record is pretty much exactly like Dan, all cheekbones and philosophical musings.

It's unbelievably cruel for New York Magazine to confirm that secret wish of all females that TV actors and their characters are the same person. Especially in this case, since I have had a soft spot for Penn Badgley ever since that terrible, but awesome, show "The Mountain" which was canceled halfway through a season since literally only Cristina and I watched it. ("Jack and Bobby," which was also awesome, suffered the same fate, and we never found out which son was going to grow up and be president.)

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Lisbeth said...

Gossip Girl, when it's out on DVD, can be my next paper-grading accompaniment.