Thursday, May 01, 2008


I loved being tagged! I always want it to happen and it never does, so I just find random surveys around and fill them out anyway, because I love surveys. Memes are the slam book of the modern Internet age.

What was I doing 5 years ago?

Well, May 2003 I was midway through spring quarter of sophomore year, which means that Laurel and I were biking to and from golf class ("Golf for Business and Life") twice a week, purportedly on the way to Human Sexuality class (this was really what my schedule was like that quarter), but since we were going to be late anyway because the classes were on polar ends of campus, we would swing by Jamba Juice, usually not actually on our bikes because biking was hotter than walking, and sometimes we would put vodka in the Jamba. I think I'd filed to be an English major and was probably already admitted to the fall quarter in Oxford. Man, I miss those times.

Five things on my to-do list today (or things I did today - in no particular order):
1. Buy pinatas
2. return Peattie's car
3. get my hair cut
4. watch the Office
5. get an X-ray of my teeth for my braces deal

Five snacks I love, regardless of cost or nutritional value :
1. frozen grapes
2. cheese in any form, especially if paired with Pepperidge Farms Hearty Wheat crackers
3. iced tea with lots of ice and lots of sugar in it, cup after cup of it
4. these weird gluten-free oatmeal cookies they have at work
5. had to think seriously about this but ... wheat thins with cream cheese

Five things I would do if I were a billionaire, assuming I had to spend it on me:
1. buy vacation homes, one on a temperate lake/coast somewhere, one somewhere hot and beachy, and maybe one in the mountains too. and maybe one in Italy. and maybe one in Brooklyn.
2. stop working for a long while. perhaps invest, and then just quit working altogether and just attempt my whole blogging/writing/knowing about the Internet for a living thing
3. travel a LOT
4. always use the wash-and-fold. hell, actually I'd hire someone to clean my house and clothes
5. go on another American road trip, this time lasting much longer

Five bad money habits I have:
1. Taking money out from non-BofA ATMs and paying fees for it.
2. Buying extra stuff on in order to get up to the super saver shipping
3. Target. I can't buy less than like $150 there at a time.
4. buying cheap plentiful clothes instead of quality stuff
5. I think my entire life is a bad money habit. But let's just say, buying groceries I don't end up eating.

Five (four) places I have lived:
1. Whittier
2. Stanford
3. Columbia University
4. Oxford, England
5. San Francisco. Nice how I just eliminated Palo Alto there, right?

Five jobs I’ve had:
1. picture framer girl
2. bartender in England
3. assistant teacher person (at my old high school)
4. RA
5. admin

Five bloggers I'm tagging (in a total dork move):
1. That's what she said
2. Silvia
3. Sara
4. Bethany
5. Cri (unlinked on purpose)


Silvs said...

i'm very excited to be tagged. must admit, not quite sure what it means or what i'm supposed to do now.
also, why is cristina's unlinked on purpose? she hasn't written in a while. is she cheating on me?

p.s. did you know your word verification comes up with the strangest words i have to retype?

Kelly said...

interesting survey! i can't believe you just snubbed PA like that - there were good times in PA! :) also, i am going to have to try wheat thins and cream cheese asap. i love finding out about new snack combos that i have never thought of before. also, i am addicted to iced tea right now. but without sugar. and i have completely stopped my iced mocha habit - did you ever believe that could happen? who have i become?!

D said...

I know I'm used to The dull that is Whittier. but I like Palo Alto.

CommieB said...

Yay!!! So excited to be tagged! I love this shit.