Tuesday, May 06, 2008

At last!

I consume a lot of online media every day. I'm subscribed to 120 feeds in my Google Reader, and I share a tiny percentage of that with you on this blog. It's obscene, really, the number of things I could take time to read every day. (I don't; they build up, and when I have a home sick day I spend a lot of time weeding through them again. It's sort of like the way I deal with physical excess -- I pile up clothes all over my room until some day I have time to put them away. Judge away.) Anyway, all this is to say that there's some stuff I love but don't blog about since it takes time to open up another window, arrange the links, etc. Thankfully, Google has finally introduced a new sharing feature in Reader where, when you share an item that you've read, you can write a comment. Can you believe it took them this long? (I should insert here that my opinion is not the opinion of my company, obviously.) I can't. But I'm absolutely thrilled. And I should take this moment to point out that if you want to read my shared items, and you aren't one of my "friends" in Google Reader or don't use Reader at all, you can go here. Go forth and consume the Internet.

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