Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I've totally written about this before but I continue to love men with beards. Saw this dude at the A's/Red Sox game on Sunday (he was also wearing a kind of funny hat) and really, I cannot explain my extreme attraction. Anyway, so in a related note I really appreciate this dude who is trying to grow "all types of beards." I feel like he is not playing entirely by the rules because sometimes he grows a full one and then shaves off bits to make a moustache, instead of growing just the moustache. But that is because I am a weird advocate for facial hair (best realization of the weekend, of which there were many: Friday night, while at dinner with my friend and his parents, I saw fit to text my friend Justin and tell him "BTW, I love your moustache." I have no idea why, and I was not drunk either, so there's no excuse for my lack of remembering the reason for this). Anyway this is pretty amusing, mostly because you can see how facial hair totally changes the look of someone's face! Like, look at the soul patch (how nerdy, ew) compared to the Van Dyke (like, hello, ew, looks like a criminal) compared to the Zappa (charmingly nerdy in a way I can't explain) compared to the everything. It's worth a look.


Kim said...

eeew I hate the "chin puff." And the "el insecto" is just gross. And the "hulihee" is weird.

I don't know...I'm all about facial hair for guys, but these are mostly too weird for me.

Sasha said...

i thought i was the only one who liked facial hair on dudes. it seems like ladies hate on 70% categorically don't like beards. have you found dis to be true too?

Jon said...

Glad to see that there are some ladies that appreciate beards. Most ladies would prefer a hairless pet with fashion sense than a guy who wears a beard.

Thanks for the appreciation!

Molly said...

haha, this is hilarious. I sympathize with your thing for guys with facial hair. For some reason I have a thing for bald guys.