Friday, May 02, 2008


I realized that when I filled out that survey thing with the top 5 favorite snacks, I forgot about the ultimate, ultimate ridiculous snack habit I have (although I am deliberately avoiding it because, whew, the floodgates, believe me): Lifesavers. Specifically, wint-o-green lifesavers that come individually packaged in the bag. They are so, so good. Yum. And if you must know, my second strange candy habit is Smarties. I used to eat them like ten rolls at a time and squirrel the wrappers away inside the couch cushions. Whenever Mom or Dad found them I felt so guilty. And that happened multiple times since I apparently did not learn from my mistakes.

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D said...

when I was in my teens...years ago.
myfavorite snack was fruit punch, I mean the red gallon jug stuff from the drive through dairy and these crackers that I don't exist anymore, called bacon thins (my dad used to love these things). I don't know why this combo was so good, but it was.
Of course those were the days when I was a fat ass.