Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A really dumb complaint

There should be a website like "White Whine" for "Google Whine." Like this, thought to myself for the second time in a week upon opening my (free) container of veggie sushi I got from the kitchen just yards from my desk, "Why don't they give me more wasabi and soy sauce, and less fucking ginger." Which sounds absolutely absurd considering there are cyclones in Myanmar and all that, but really, to indulge me for a moment in being entirely shallow, why is it that prepackaged sushi packs only give you one measly packet of soy sauce, and seem to think that to mitigate the spice of that pea-sized ball of wasabi, you need like a quarter cup of ginger? WHY!?!!


D said...


Lisbeth said...

It seems to me they should give MORE ginger.

D said...

sorry for the snotty waa. " snotty waa " sounds like a dessert.
I was just jealous because, while I was reading that post. I was eating the leftover half of the sandwich I had left in my shop fridge from the day before AND a brown banana. oh yeah, and a glass of brita water