Friday, April 25, 2008


I have these new friends who are Francophiles. They both studied in Paris and one of them lived there for a while too after college. Thanks to these girls, I've now been introduced to something awesome: Yelle.

I had heard of Yelle through random music blogs, but never really taken the time to listen to her. She is this fab French pop singer who is basically like Feist if Feist was really bouncy and crazy and fist-pumping on stage and actually French instead of just something of a Francophile (and Canadian, which is close-ish to being French). I have no idea what any of her lyrics mean except sometimes she says "Yeah!" and apparently she has a song making fun of the "French Eminem" (to quote my friend Zoe) and another one about her best friend, her vibrator. And she puts on a damn good show. We saw her at the Independent and it was basically like a great dance party with lots of fist pumping and jumping. I have such a girl crush now. I mean, just look at her:

And if you think that outfit is ridiculous, you should have seen her dress last night -- red silk, with "smells like teen spirit" in giant capital sparkly black letters on the front and an outline of a clown face on the back. Loves it!

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