Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Titanic food

I'm assuming that this doesn't count as confidential.

My "local" (i.e. 2 minute walk) cafe at work has themes each week. Last week it was something like Chinese takeout. This week I couldn't figure it out, except that I knew there were lots of delicious things (or at least, delicious sounding things. I haven't eaten the whole menu, nor am I likely to) -- baked apples, pork chops, roasted new potatoes, asparagus galore, and so on. I was a little confused, however, by the names of the salads and sandwiches, which were things like "Kate" and "Leo" and ... well, names from the movie Titanic.

Well, then through a series of random events occurring exclusively on e-mail lists I discovered that the theme of the week's menu is all food that was served on the Titanic, which explains so much. Then because I am an internet whore I (accidentally) stumbled across this list of the menu from the last meal served on the Titanic, and I am having a blast comparing it to my work menu. Let's just say that the salmon with mousseline sauce is incredibly delicious. (Though I haven't seen any squab or oysters yet. Even Google has limits.)

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Justin L. said...

Your work is a joke.