Friday, April 25, 2008

CNN Exercise

I have started watching "The Situation Room" 0n mute with closed captions while at the gym in the afternoons. I get really angsty while watching the show because one commentator will say something I totally agree with and then the next says some more total bullshit and I can't squeal with indignation because I am in the middle of the gym with a bunch of people, and so I instead have to bury my rage deeply and try to exorcise it via, well, exercise (who knew!?). Today for the first time since I've watched it they had Tony Snow on. He and Jack Cafferty got in quite the tiff. Jack was absolutely spot on, because he was talking about how Hillary is definitively behind in the race, and has to win all the next states with like 60% of the vote, and all the other folks started talking shit about whether or not Obama could get the white working class vote or whatever. Anyway, the best part was when Cafferty just said straight up to Tony Snow, "People are really tired of your former boss and they are ready for change in the White House," and then the two of them went back and forth with Cafferty spitting (I imagine) the phrase "your boss" out as often as possible. Like, way to stick it to him. Snow looked smug, like you would expect, and I got more angry and went faster on the elliptical.

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