Friday, April 18, 2008

London Town

I am a sucker for the New York Times' "36 hours in..." travel feature. I don't really know why -- the kinds of things they recommend would take much more than 36 hours, but I guess you don't need to take it literally. I was thrilled to see a piece on London this morning, and then even more excited when I realized it was 36 hours in literary London! I really need to go back there, primarily because the three days I spent in London when it was actually sunny and somewhat springlike were some of the best I ever had there, and I think a week sometime in the summer would be awesome, albeit tourist heavy. (Compare that to the city on Christmas Day.) But I've never seen a play at the Globe! I've never had a picnic in a park there! So this piece definitely stoked the flames of London love. I haven't been to any of the spots except the Globe and the British Library, which, by the way, is amazing. One of my favorite experiences there.

Now, to sit at work and be grumpy.

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D said...

don't be grumpy