Thursday, April 17, 2008

Facebook Lexicon

Facebook's Lexicon is probably the coolest thing Facebook has done since photos. I haven't played around on it that much but just the examples I've seen have been such a glimpse at the zeitgeist, it's more interesting (sorry to be saying this, employer) than Google Zeitgeist. Look at these two links and the spikes... the insane clustering around New Year's Eve and Halloween in one, and then just Halloween in the other. The first one is especially interesting.

What I want is to be able to localize it just to San Francisco and check out how frequently people post "drunk" or "hangover" on the day of and after Bay to Breakers, otherwise known (at least by some of us) as the best day of the year.

Edit: I just checked out how "Clinton" and "Obama" compare and it's pretty interesting too. You get both "Super Tuesdays" (Feb and March), and there's an obvious Obama bias, no surprise. I added "Hillary" and that ups the Clinton count, no surprise.

Credit goes to Peattie for pointing this out to me.

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