Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The New York Canon

Since I need more lists in my life I was pretty interested when the New York Canon -- all the books about New York that you supposedly need to read (since 1960 or something) -- came out in New York magazine. I am sadly delinquent in reading them though, perhaps because I don't live in New York? Either way, I've only read one -- Kavalier and Clay -- and I have almost zero recollection of it.

What would you consider part of the San Francisco canon? I feel like I wouldn't fare too well at that either. I've never even read "Howl."

Side note: I've only seen 12% of the movies in the "canon," which means... something. I've read less than 4% of the books, though. Wow. It's these kinds of things that lead me to feeling stressed about behind behind in consumption of media.

(hat tip to Ellen for reminding me I meant to write about this)


Ellen said...

The first San Francisco book I thought of was Armistead Maupin's TALES OF THE CITY -- I've only read the first one and I thought it was kind of dated, but a lot of people like(d) those books. Vikram Seth's THE GOLDEN GATE takes place there (clearly) but I don't remember much of San Francisco in it. It's a good question, though.

Emily said...

yeah, that was the "obvious" SF book i thought of too. i have been meaning to read it just because i feel like it is part of the whole SF spirit of things, but i have too many other things i want to read more. is the golden gate good?

Anonymous said...

Adrian Nicole Leblanc's "Random Family" is actually a really great book. I lived in NY in the areas she talks about, so the whole thing was suuuuuuper familiar to me. You can have it when you come visit in July. Also, posting this here because what the hell, I love love love that picture of your family on the couch. No words for it. Just love.