Thursday, April 24, 2008


Aside from the racism stuff in PA, this was my must-read of yesterday (another casualty of quick blogging as a result of Blogger's 4pm downtime incompetence). It basically puts a big hole in Clinton's "more electable" argument.

I should add that I don't mean to antagonize people with this. I don't think Clinton should withdraw from the race, and I don't think Obama's campaign thinks that either. But it will be very hard for her to win it, and I do think that the longer Obama and Clinton struggle with each other the better McCain's chances are in the fall. So my sights are on that. I do believe that the Democratic party leaders should try to push superdelegates to make a decision by or soon after the May 6 primaries, because we need time as a party to regroup and recover from all this madness. And, I also believe that the decision should be in Obama's favor (obviously). I just wanted to clarify my standing on this for my pro-Clinton readers, and I hope you think I'm being fair-minded.

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