Friday, April 25, 2008

Politics Friday

Still very much considering this Tumblr rollover... Perhaps next week. In the meantime, just a few more fun political links. (You know, to counteract all that ridiculous French pop music.)

First, the worst op-ed ever. Or, at least, just a very bad one. I don't so much care if they denounce McCain or not (though the press could stand to do that a bit more), but these arguments against Obama continue to be moronic.

People keep asking how Obama could have lost in PA after outspending Hillary 3 to 1 -- and talking about how it's impossible for him to win white men. Well, he gained support among white men, seniors, white women, and those earning less than $50,000 a year compared to Ohio. Plus, on the subject of outspending, well, he has more money to spend -- and doesn't that say something about the viability of his candidacy?

Finally, on the absolute absurdity of the Clinton campaign's "We are winning the popular vote" argument. That only applies if you include Florida and Michigan, where Obama wasn't even on the ballot, and ignore the caucuses. For someone who denies that the election is "about the math" and given that her supporters were, until recently, arguing that this is a race about delegates, she seems to be getting desperate. Seriously, it's one thing to argue that she is gaining back momentum, and that's why she should stay in the race. It's another thing to bitch about a system that she was totally okay with when it started... and that is an established way of nominating candidates in this country. You can't change the rules in the middle of the game, and I just hope this spin isn't actually convincing anyone.

Ooh, and! Just as a bonus, a bit on the candidate's spouses. Bill Clinton is still a liar (make sure to read the transcripts). And McCain says mean things to his wife. I don't have any dirt on Michelle Obama. I kind of think she's awesome.

Yeah, so I read DailyKos a lot. So sue me. This is literally a brain dump of everything I've talked about and thought about in the past day and a half.

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