Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bookish brews

This. Is. Awesome.

Now I'm about to go on a ramble. The other day I was idly talking to Dan about how I could accompany my autobiography with a beer tasting. Much like how Rob in High Fidelity can musically illustrate his life, I can illustrate my life through beer. Then yesterday Justin sent me this link, which argues (not unreasonably) that starting an autobiography about your life with booze is one of 40 things that all drunkards should do. So the autobeerography idea got a little tainted by the whiff of, well, alcoholism. However. I still think it's pretty awesome. I would start with tiny sips of Miller (an homage to my dad letting me sip it as a kid). Then I'd move on to a Corona with lime, the first adult beer I ever had. Then, a game of quarters with Coors Light bottles (my hands used to actually get injured from twisting off bottlecap after bottlecap. I'm still a little shocked that my quarters skills were so good, and that I survived). Some Rolling Rock, because, believe it or not, that was my beer of choice for most of sophomore year (I would hide my personal stash in my closet to keep other people away from it). Then on to some English bitters or real ales, in honor of my time abroad in Oxford (really, when my beer appreciation began). Then some good ol' American craft brews, like Fat Tire or Sierra Nevada, my beers of senior year. And then Tequiza, the beer that got me and Sean started on our mad beer obsession. Some highlights from said obsession, including a New York region tasting in honor of the 60 beers I lugged back across the country. Then I'd have to throw in some PBR, because without it San Francisco would not be the same, and finally some various killer beers I've had recently, like perhaps a Magnolia strong beer, and a Double Daddy.

Anyway, all that is just to say that this beer and books conceit is really cool, and if I wrote a novel I'd definitely pair it with a beer. The question is, which one?!

(from Bookslut)


Kim said...

Maybe you should be my beer coach. The Boy is on a mission to get me to like beer (rather, he tries to get me to drink it and calls me a pussy when I don't), and I just can't get into it.

I'm told that it's something you have to learn to like...maybe you have a suggested order in which one should start the beer-drinking journey?

D said...

KIM . a good first step is to stay away from german beers , or Heinekin..... sometimes skunky.
a good old American craft brew pale ale is always good. like Mirror Pond, by Deschutes.
I don't know why I am posting this, only that I love beer.
The first really dark beer that I had that turned me from just someone that liked beer to a lover of the stuff was a porter from Sweden called Carnegie Porter. Dark and amazing.
again, why am I posting about this?
gotta go...thirsty