Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Kelly Kapoor knows all

2:46 PM Kim: my new dress just got here, i have to try it on and make sure it fits
2:47 PM me: oh your party dress?
2:48 PM Kim: yeah
me: cool.
2:49 PM yeah i finally got mine yesterday
i had ordered one online and it did not fit
so i had to do a sort of last minute shopping trip

8 minutes
2:58 PM Kim: can't decide if it's frumpy or good
me: haha
Kim: indeed 3:00 PM also, the color is not quite what i pictured
me: in a bad way?
Kim: no...i don't think
just in a different way
like, the picture makes it look brighter, it looks more dull in person
3:01 PM also, i think i'm annoyed b/c i bought it on sale for $125, and now it's on more sale for $95
3:02 PM me: lame
how did you find it?
dude its a miracle it fits at all, if you ordered online
Kim: recommended by O magazine, and also by kelly from the office
me: HA
i am posting that on my blog

(edited for modesty, not to mention my typos)

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