Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I am bad at titles

I went to Target tonight and discovered an almost-awesome thing. There are all these new two-packs of DVDs that sell for like $9.44 or whatever stupid price Target sets up, and they have sort of thematic pairings of two older DVDs in one case. They are cheap and cheesy and should be really a sweet deal except most of the cases have like one good movie and one terrible one. For example, "You've Got Mail" (yeah, love it) and "Must Love Dogs," that crappy John Cusack movie that just came out recently. Or like, "The Fugitive" and "US Marshals," which I guess isn't actually terrible although it's not good and I don't want to watch it again. Or "The Truth About Cats and Dogs" and "Nine Months" or whatever that movie is with Hugh Grant and Julianne Moore or someone that I am sure I've seen but do not remember. I suppose this is some giant conspiracy sponsored by Target to con you into buying tons of these "cheap" two packs just because you think it's such a good deal and you like one of the movies. I know I was tempted. They had a double pack of "The Secret Garden" and "A Little Princess" except I totally already own a double pack of that. And they had a double pack of "Space Balls" and "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" which quite frankly I almost bought. Instead of buying any of those though I just for some reason went on a weird DVD buying binge (I am totally a financial disaster) and got "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" because I am about twelve years old and also cry whenever I watch that movie (which has been about four times) and "Sense and Sensibility" for $4.75 and "Pan's Labyrinth" and "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" because I've kind of been wanting to watch it again and it was there and I have no self control.

I think if you took a computer and tried to track the complicated processes that go on inside my head while I'm shopping at Target, it would explode. It's a delicate balance of indulgences, necessities, picking-up-and-putting-back-down, and very rough cost estimates and memory-searching to establish my current debt to credit ratio and so on and so on.


el super said...

oh my god i totally had a dvd binge at target yesterday! i bought a river runs through it (why??) about a boy and legends of the fall which i own on tape but felt i NEEDED on dvd, even though i haven't watched teh tape in years. each was 4.75. and i almost bought sense and sensibility but i couldnt' remember if i owned it already on dvd...and i'm still not sure.

but check it. so walking through the tech aisle with the tvs and there was a commercial for "once" and my thought process was like "oh i loved that movie. such a good song that is playing...i kind of want to watch it like RIGHT NOW. oh shit it's on dvd according to the commercial that is playing in the background. i must buy this movie now." and i did!! the power of persuasion!

Kim said...

Emily, why don't we ever go to Target together???

I want to have a dvd binge at Target...maybe after the bonus appears in my checking account.

Anonymous said...

So maybe we can watch your copy of Pan's Labyrinth (that's a Holt 8th-grade spelling word) while you're in Whittier. We could knit and crochet, too. LAS-W