Wednesday, December 19, 2007

December 19th.

Oh my God, it's December 19th!!!

That pretty much merits a post on its own... did you see this coming? You know, this incredible speeding-up of life, so that you have been admiring other bloggers' Christmas countdowns (gift guides, "Advent Calendar" accounts of Christmas preparations, photos of gingerbread making and Christmas-tree decorating), and then suddenly you realize your plan to do that yourself it already kaput because it's DECEMBER 19th!!!

If you still can't feel the shock/panic of this realization, well consider how you'd feel if you still haven't recapped your Thanksgiving, which happened on the 2nd of December, and if you can't buy any of the lovely handmade gifts that are in those gift guides written by other bloggers because it's too late for shipping, and if you really still haven't done gifts at all and have only sent 27 of the 75 Christmas cards you are planning to send this year, and only have tomorrow night to do them.

Yeah. Try that. Now, feel the holiday panic.


Silvs said...

dude i know right?!? and i have to ship all my presents this year which means no one is getting theirs on time cause its dec. 19th and i haven't even bought them yet.

although i do feel special being part of that 27. thanks yo.

Anonymous said...

27? That's 27 more than I've sent.