Thursday, December 20, 2007

Daily Coyote

I've become increasingly a fan of the blog Daily Coyote. I wrote about it a bit before. The woman who writes it lives in a one-room cabin in Wyoming with her cat and a coyote she found when he was only 10 days old. (I still don't know how she has Internet, because her cabin sounds pretty damn far from anywhere: "a town of 300 people, where it's a sixty mile trip to the nearest grocery store and not uncommon to swing by the post office (or bar) on horseback.") I'm kind of fascinated with her, because she was once essentially another young urban professional woman and then, on a cross-country trip on a Vespa, she decided she loved Wyoming and wanted to live there. (I have yet to go back and read the archives of her "Vespa Vagabond" blog which I believe chronicles the story of that decision in more detail.)

So now there she is, with her coyote.

And he is amazing looking:

Just look at those feet!

Anyway, this has become yet another one of my kind of moments of Zen every day -- this and the much-blogged-about 3191. This is kind of a cross between 3191 and CuteOverload for me... it's cute but it's also sort of silent and incomprehensible in a good way. Filled with unspoken emotions.

And to continue on that consumerism thread of mine, I'm considering buying the 2008 Coyote calendar because if there is one place offline where it's marginally ok to admit your love of adorable animals, besides volunteering at the SPCA or something, it's with a calendar in your cubicle. Is that true, or am I just justifying myself?

EDIT: I think part of the reason why I like the coyote and the cat in these photos is that big poofy tail, kind of like my (parents') kitters (or Knucklehead or Waffles, or whatever his name is):

(Not the best pic, but you get the idea.)


Kelly said...

awww, kitters/waffle! so cute! i miss that little guy :). and now i believe that the coyote and that other cat are actually friends, since i didnt know the background of that story before.

Kim said...

I love that it's a coyote and a cat living in harmony!

Bruce said...

his name is knucklehead. no matter what your aunt Caryl thinks.
He makes funny bleeping sounds when you say his name. of course he makes funny bleeping sounds whenever he moves too, like a toy.
great little guy. moving his way quickly up the " best cat ever " ladder