Monday, December 03, 2007

Facebook in 02138

(I can't actually believe I'm putting a disclaimer in my blog, but please remember that any opinions expressed here are mine only and not those of my employer.)

I've kind of been ignoring the whole Facebook ConnectU lawsuit, since I don't think anything will come of it, but my attention was caught by the article in 02138 (the classy Harvard alumni mag, truly ridiculous really) that went into some depth about the founding of Facebook and the controversy. (Mark Zuckerberg's lawyers tried to get the article removed, but it didn't work.) What was fascinating was actually Zuckerberg's journal excerpts, which gives you some sense of who that 23 year old billionaire founder of one of the most controversial companies out there really is, or at least, was (I can totally give him some benefit of the doubt, but I think becoming a sensation before you're of drinking age is not necessarily the ideal way to develop as a person).

(It also strikes little ol' public (high) school me as kind of amusing that a bunch of boarding-school educated rowers are fighting with a Philips Exeter grad over their share of $15 billion which is still, at this point, not actual money, all because of their idea(s) for an Ivy-League-exclusive social network that they started while attending Harvard. Not that their point isn't valid, if they indeed have a case.)

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