Thursday, January 11, 2007

This video clip really is hilarious. I kind of love John Mayer, still. Anyway, this is representative of the kind of morons who show up to John Mayer concerts in $80 white t-shirts and spend all their time gossiping amongst themselves until songs that played on the radio or were on the CD in between the two biggest radio hits.


Anonymous said...

Pause, "you'll get there when you sell out"
very funny

Anonymous said...

Like the kind of people we sat in an audience with at Verizon amphitheater in Irvine ( the OC )

Got there late,

I mean late to Mayer himself.

Talked through the entire set, and left early.

Mind you, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO IN ORANGE COUNTY. Even the Del Tacos close at 10.

The funniest thing was when the concert was over and we left, the parking lot was full of these "concert-goers", the ones that left early. playing John Mayer on their bmw sound systems.

Anonymous said...

This clip actually makes me like him less. Being wry and self-deprecating is one thing, but cynicism is less endearing. I guess I prefer his earnest(seeming) early-Elvis-Presley-movie persona better, even if it's fraudulent.