Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This is just so sad. You have to read all the Digg comments to really get how sad. I am coming to hate Digg. I started reading it because it's supposed to be this great model of user-rated content and all that, but it's actually a breeding ground for offensive, chauvinist comments. It's full of idiots and assholes and it makes me scared to be human. You think I'm kidding, well , like I said, read the thread.

I hate everyone.


Anonymous said...

Don't hate everyone. These kind of discussion groups are made up of a whole bunch of idiots and chickens who can only say these things from the comfort of their mommies basement. Several sites have shut down their discussion groups, Yahoo for one. Because of a handful of morons doing nothing but clogging things up with their nonsense. D

Anonymous said...

It's the internet in all its "glory": every dog will have its say.

I like these word verifications. They make me laugh. That's an upside to the internet. There, I've had my say. LSW