Friday, January 12, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

Only one soda a day (also, only one caffeinated beverage per day)
Exercise regularly
Keep up blog (4+ entries per week)
Keep consistent health routines (vitamins, floss)
Write down "memoir" style essays/memories - not because they will be that interesting to anyone but me, but just to spend some time thinking seriously about my own life
Read more
Keep a reading journal. Not in order to keep up with this kind of detail, but just to have a record of really reading and to force myself to think about my books
Write more.
Find something in my job I like and am good at besides administrative bullshit
Oh, and finish watching 24 seasons 3-5

I started my resolutions a little late because I was in England and then scatterbrained. So I have forgiven myself for initial distractions/trespasses in this past week while I've been settling in. I've kept up some of this stuff already (soda, flossing, the easy stuff) but starting this weekend is when I'm committing to it. Normally I wouldn't exactly post all this for public consumption although I know it's not that interesting, but I really do want to commit to it. My overall goal is to make the little things routine so that I can focus on the big things like thinking and intellectualism and writing and, you know, my future.

(Edit: oh, also to travel at least somewhere new. Sara invited me to Houston, or else I want to go to Boston.)

(Edit 2: Also, spend money rationally, even though I have more of it than I used to. Aaaand, catch up on sleep, especially while Sean is gone. And when I do spend money, buy things I deliberately want/need, not just things I have an impulse for at the time. And, spend some time cooking - don't just let Google dinners dictate my diet.)


Anonymous said...

Very good, I should do this too. Cooking is fun, exercise isn't fun unless you have people to play sports with. but you do feel good when it's over. Sleep is always good.
On another note, does anyone think Justin Timberlake looks like John Belushi ( the dead one ) Only 50 pounds lighter?
He does to me

Anonymous said...

not JUST houston, the RODEO!

Anonymous said...

i vote for hannah montana. totally.