Monday, December 04, 2006

This is what the Internet does to us.

When the public says, “Don’t take me there,” that might be exactly where it wants to go.

Think about how much of this was Internet-spun, Internet-driven. At least the Britney (you can't show it on TV). The Anna Nicole (there were totally crazy new developments every day). The OJ rumor broke online but then someone said it wasn't happening. And the Michael Richards video could only be seen in its entirety online (refer to Spears, Britney: vagina).

So, why?

The information glut of the Internet makes it so we feel like we aren't real Americans if we haven't been paying attention to the absurd and horrifying information that proliferates like wildfires on the web. So of course we pay attention. Not only do we like scandals, but we like to be up to date on the news by the minute.

That's your "Duh" soapbox of the day.

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