Saturday, December 09, 2006

Just saw The Holiday tonight with Becca. It had been a while since I saw a good old fashioned romantic comedy, and this one was alright. It had its bad moments, of course, like anything Cameron Diaz does, and the entire score/soundtrack, but in general I quite enjoyed it. Kate Winslet can, in my opinion, do no wrong, and it was rather refreshing to see Jack Black acting like a normal person (for the most part). There were the cutest little girls I'd ever seen, and plenty of nice England-in-winter shots that got me excited to be going back there (in less than 20 days, oh my God!!!).

What occurred to me partway through was that no one is ever broke in a romantic comedy. Why is that? People who should be broke (low-level newspaper writer, for example) have plenty of money to hop on a plane with a day's notice during the holiday season and fly off to another country. This bothers me. No one ever seems to be realistically middle class in a romantic comedy. If I remember my Bridget Jones correctly, she was broke in the book, but totally fine in the movie. I think in the end this is partly why I love High Fidelity so much, because Rob actually faces money problems and that's half of why he and Laura have problems in the first place. Name me a romantic comedy with a poor protagonist. Really. Go.

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