Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Summer Manifesto

For a long time I have been wanting to write a spring manifesto. I bombed all my New Year's Resolutions and spring is a time of renewal and this spring especially for me is a time of renewal and recharging and rearranging my life. But spring foiled my manifesto with fever and gorgeous weather and good friends, and now it's the middle of May (no matter what the weather in Mountain View thinks right now). Almost June. Therefore, almost summer.

Here, then, is my summer manifesto:

This is the summer I will go outside every weekend in the sun. I will go camping at least once. I will go to the beach. I will kayak at least once. I will go swimming.

I will eat in season - tomatoes, berries. I'll go berry picking. I will do my best to eat naturally. Avoid Splenda overdoses.

I will remember how good it feels to run in golden afternoons. I will buy a bike, and use it.

I will barbecue, have picnics, make cucumber salads and tomato tarts. I will make sangria. I'd like to make sun tea.

I will wake up early on weekends and enjoy the whole day.

I will meet people and catch up with people and value the time I spend with people.

I will take my time. I will write more. I will sit still sometimes, paying attention. I will divorce myself from mediocrity, boredom and superficiality.

I will have at least one party in the hot weather when the nighttime breeze is your only air conditioning and you feel purified by sweat. A party that goes long into the night and is like a beacon of light in the dark summer evening.

I will go to Costa Rica and to Chicago.

I will take time out for solitude, for reading, for cooking, drinking iced tea and iced coffee alone.

I will force the rest of you to join me!!!


Anonymous said...

em, i love you and your manifesto

Anonymous said...

good thing i'll be trapped in windowless hospitals for the sunny hours of the day all summer.