Friday, May 18, 2007

The Office.

I might die.

It's just... I can't express. I really, really cannot express how I feel right now about that finale. It was honestly, just, too perfect. I spent the last three minutes of the show STARING at my computer (oh btw, I watched half of it last night when I got home from pub night, and then I bought it on iTunes because I had to see it and there was no other way to see it before Sunday, and I watched the last 20 minutes at work. Don't tell anyone).


I feel the way you feel before a first date.


Anonymous said...

i was going to write about it, too, but really, it's something i feel entirely unable to do justice to. that last scene when pam looks at the camera and she is welling up, big goofy smile, i wanted to die. sooooo perfect! so absolutely perfect. also, somewhat related, but pam lately reminds me of you. something about her mannerisms makes me think of you... weird.


Emily said...

maybe because she is fancy new beesly and i am fancy new emily (aka honest, in my case oversharing, newly energized). i relate a lot to pam in some ways right now. feeling empowered.