Tuesday, May 01, 2007


This is excellent. My daemon is a fox. Named Apollonius.

Take the test!


Anonymous said...

My daemon is a jackalope (or maybe just a jackass).

Anonymous said...

Actually, not a jackalope. The first time I ran through the questions, I came up a hyena--or maybe a jackal, can't remember which. So along the same lines as a dander-y, hairball-y cat. Of course, I did it again to try for "better" results.

Anonymous said...

So is anyone annoyed that the movie site likens one's daemon to the soul? Isn't it our animal natures that the oblation board wants to sever? I thought the point was to upend the medieval view of the flesh-- without which we are nothing.
Me again, with my fat-black-cat-dander daemon,