Friday, October 06, 2006

Little victories

It's official: I am a runner.

NOT ONLY did I scrape my leg to hell last weekend... NOT ONLY did I run most of the Dish two days this week, but today, when I went to run the dish, I was not really feeling it... I ran parts of it but not as much as usual. I blamed it on the slightly warmer weather and the fact that I hadn't eaten much so my energy was low. Then, when I left the dish area, instead of turning right onto Junipero Serra to go back to Stanford Ave for my car, I turned left. I went down Campus Drive. I turned a different direction - and I felt more energy and more enthusiasm. I was just bored! That's the only reason I was lagging today. That's cool, man. I just felt like going a different direction, so I did, and I just had to find another way back to my car. That seems to me like a real runner's thing to do, and I did it! Yes!

The fact that I still run about 5mph if I'm lucky... not the point.

(Also, apologies for my incredibly bad sentence/paragraph up above.)

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Anonymous said...

That good Em! 5 mph is just fine.