Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I can't decide if I'm looking forward to the POD revolution or not. While it's a pretty sweet idea, I DO like to browse books in a bookstore. That said, I have a real problem going into bookstores and blanking entirely on what I want. Even though my Amazon wishlist is something like 200 books/DVDs long. So in that respect, it would be pretty nice to have a marriage between my wishlist and a POD printer... and pretty dangerous for my wallet. After all, buying songs on iTunes is frighteningly easy given that you have to enter your credit card number before you even buy anything, and it's just sitting there in case you ever want to buy an episode of TV or a song you haven't managed to download. Imagine the POD purchasing system and my obsessive wishlisting (and placing-things-on-hold-at-the-library-ing), and just imagine how much money I could manage to spend.

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