Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A day in the life...

I hope no one at work sees this, but I have to tell someone: I haven't done more than maybe 30 minutes of work since Monday. 9am. It's now Wednesday, 1:20pm. WTF?!

Seriously, here's what I did:

Answered maybe 3 emails
Read maybe 15 emails
Read a 4 page, useless description of something FOR SOMEONE ELSE
Multiplied mileage by our fuel reimbursement rate for about 8 trips to see what someone is owed for running errands
Mailed one package, ID mail (not even going to the post office)
Moved boxes from my office to the main office for someone else to throw away
Called one person, received a call from same person, had one conversation, received one fax
Counted pages in fax to make sure everything got here


Now here is what else I did:
Downloaded approximately 40 mp3s from blogs (semi-legal?)
Read maybe 350 blog posts
Read the NYTimes book review section several times, looking for anything new
Window-shopped online
Ate lunch, snacks, made tea
Wrote about 4 to-do lists
Emailed myself about 15 times to remind myself of things to do at home where I could be much more productive than here
Looked on craiglist and mediabistro for jobs
Got discouraged
Emailed all downloaded mp3s to myself to download from my own email when I got home
Fretted about filling up gmail quota with sent and received mp3s
Met and held my boss's new daughter, Hannah (awesome!)
Held about 20 gmail chat conversations

I'm sure I'm missing something.

UPDATE: Yeah, I am. Forgot all about Facebook. Luckily I haven't reached the Myspace part of the week... that only happens when, as Arielle says, I reach the end of the Internet. Oh and also I printed off job listings and forgot them at work. Two days in a row.


Anonymous said...

yeah I hope nobody from work reads it either

Rachel said...

oh my god! i am doing the same job, i swear. only i can't troll the internet so i just sit there, doing nothing, for HOURS!!