Tuesday, August 08, 2006


On the subject of disturbing trends, or at least odd ones...

I'm finding that with each passing day I feel more and more like a homebody. Not exactly in the sense that I sit around my house doing nothing instead of going out on the town (although I do kind of do that, sometimes), but more in that I am starting to have these very strong nesting instincts, coupled with a sensation that I'm becoming more and more like my mom.

Cases in point:

-Less than a week after hearing my mom talk about how she always rents movies (the quintessential example of this kind of movie is Dr. Zhivago) and then tries to get us (meaning me or my sister) to watch them, and we never do, but then when we do we like them, I rented Bonnie and Clyde from Netflix and upon receiving it, shouted (literally) to my roommates and those assembled, "Does anyone want to watch Bonnie and Clyde with me?!" The manic tone in my voice kind of freaked me out, and then I realized that not only did I sound like a total wackjob, but also I was doing exactly what Mom does, and I saw nothing wrong with it. Incidentally, I did watch Bonnie and Clyde last night, and while most resisted at first, all (but Kelly) eventually succumbed. Even Ethan, who was complaining about the weird accents (Faye Dunaway as a West Dallas farm girl? Yeah, right), looked up the real B&C on Wikipedia halfway through the movie and read us interesting details. I win.

-I also rented and watched The Shop Around the Corner, which is one of the exact movies Mom has rented and we have not watched with her, and stupid me, because I actually liked it, like I always do.

-The greatest event of the past few days is the news that we are getting a BRAND NEW refrigerator, washer AND dryer in our apartment, as Kelly has finally bullied Jerry into replacing our stone-age appliances. We're also getting the lights in our kitchen fixed so we can cook in the 21st century as opposed to the kitchen of the Ingalls family during the Long Winter (just bear with me on this metaphor), and apparently power outlets that we thought were broken are actually functional, for the most part. But the most important thing is NEW FRIDGE!!! I could die. And the very fact that this is an undrafted sentence expressing my excitement over the new fridge proves my whole theory about the nesting instinct. Just the thought of getting a produce crisper and being able to put bottles of Hershey's syrup and caesar salad dressing in the door without them falling out every 2 seconds gives me chills.

-I subscribed to RealSimple. 'Nuff said.

-Actually, not 'nuff said. I also read Domino and am obsessed with all kinds of cooking magazines like Cooks Illustrated and want to have a tea party and kind of want to get Blueprint (because of the cool tip for decorating with blown-up prints of playing cards) and kind of want to get Martha Stewart Living and for my birthday I really want good knives and a food processor.

See? I told you.

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