Monday, August 28, 2006


A while ago I realized that Paris Hilton really does represent a lot of things about modern America. Disturbing yet true, the celebrities we choose to embrace say something about us (as does the fact that we embrace celebrities at all, but that's not a particularly American thing, at least it's not only an American thing). Paris Hilton's publicist agrees:

When asked about his improbable journey from Lennon to Hilton, Mr. Mintz explained that in his eyes he once represented an artist who stood for the dreams and values of a generation. And now he represents an heiress who, well, stands for the dreams and values of a generation.

“Young people don’t believe in politicians,” he said. “They don’t believe in their leaders. They look to celebrities to represent them.”

The funny thing is that it's the media he hates, not the people who let themselves be represented by a woman who cried when her own rip-off of Blondie played on the radio. Or, say, not himself, the person who helps promote said woman.

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Anonymous said...

Eliot Mintz was an asshole in the sixties, nice to see he hasn't changed