Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I love this stuff

One thing I learned at CPC was that I love the whole discussion about "new media" and the changing face of the publishing/journalism industry. Blogs, print on demand, e-books, Google, what have you - I don't understand it all, but I like talking about it, mostly because I have something to say about it. Yes, I like blogs. No, I don't like reading books on a screen. Yes, I like magazines but I think that reading US Weekly is pointless now because of celebrity blogs. Anyone can weigh in on the new media discussion. Anyway, here's a quick interview with Adriana Huffington about blogging. It's actually quite good.

For me what matters is having that voice; how it gets there is less significant.

For me, I think you have to cover a story until something happens. And it may not be in your lifetime, but you need to keep covering it. Part of it is that the best bloggers write about their passions, they don't write about everything. And there are many important things that happen that I don't write about, not because I don't think they're important, but because they're not where my own passion is.

So my best writing is about my passions, and I think that goes with every blogger. And often reporters go where the assignment desk sends them.

There are many great reporters. I don't in any way minimize the significance of what is done by the mainstream media. But I think we're all still deeply affected by how they misreported the lead up to the war. It's not something, given what's happening now, that we can easily forget.

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