Friday, June 01, 2007

Too Much Information

So, a disturbing trend that has appeared since I started working at the Goog... In my building, at least, we have automatic toilets and sinks, and we also have those crazy Japanese toilet modules with all the functions like front and rear water washing and deodorizing and such. I will say for the record that I have not used those functions but the seats are warmed. And they automatically flush. So now whenever I go to any public restroom (this doesn't happen in my own house, just in other shared, public facilities) I expect my seat to be warmed and my toilet to flush automatically and I have come thisclose about 20 times to just walking out of the stall without flushing. And on the occasions when my preferred stall on my floor is occupied and I have to use a toilet that is set to a normal, freezing-cold bathroom temperature, I get really freaked out.

So yeah, it's not just the food and volleyball courts that spoil me at my workplace, it's also the WC.

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