Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I just watched all four episodes (so far) of Clark and Michael, the Michael Cera internet TV show. Ah, excellent. It's so damn deadpan. I feel like I didn't laugh out loud so much but it's the kind of thing where thinking back on all the lines I'm sort of giggling to myself. I may have to watch them all again. It's sort of reminiscent of Arrested Development, primarily because of the incredible amount of self-delusion. And it's sort of reminiscent of Seinfeld just because of the basic plot (show about two guys trying to pitch a show about themselves). And I can't quite figure out what else it reminds me of, besides awesome. And it led me to the Clark and Michael Facebook group which if you believe Facebook, Michael Cera and Clark Duke are members of, which led me to attempt to friend both of them. If I have a tenuous internet connection with Michael Cera, I might just die. I need my Arrested Development DVDs back.

I took a day off work today because I wasn't feeling so great, but it's been sort of an up-and-down. I did some work and spent most of my day catching up on blog reading which was really necessary in that very unnecessary way. I probably will head out this evening to buy PBR Light and tissue paper for Tropicalismo, and maybe I'll do the elliptical and watch some Veronica Mars. I should be mildly ill more often.


Casey said...

Dude, use very good scissors. Those things are tougher to make than you would think.

Emily said...

actually they weren't too bad. they aren't perfect (there are hidden tears) but they look pretty nifty.

Anonymous said...

Caryl and I used to make something similar using Kleenex and bobby pins.