Friday, June 22, 2007


Pablo sent this to me this morning. I won't actually copy over everything that I typed to him in response, but I just have this one thing to say:

Miss Playfoot completed her GCSEs last week and has now left the school.

But her father Phil, who is a pastor, said she still wanted to pursue the case because of its wider significance for all Christians.

"I think there's something bigger at stake here," he said.

Are you fucking kidding me? These are Christians in a Western country and they're bitching about discrimination. Shades of "War on Christmas," if you ask me.

In the big picture, I'm fine with religious expression. I understand the school wanting to have a dress code, and I understand that they're trying to allow some religious expression when it's "appropriate" or "integral" or whatever. But what religions make the cut, what religions qualify you for religious expression? A cross is ok, a head scarf is ok, but what about Wiccan jewelry, or a t-shirt that has a Satanic symbol?

What makes something a "legitimate" religion? Who sets the standard?

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Anonymous said...

I find it funny that Religions feel so threatened, and have to keep having things around their necks/fingers/heads/whatever, to keep them from straying. Why is it that they have to "struggle" with their faith? Maybe because deep down they just KNOW it's a crock of shit.